I Gioielli Di Nina

My name is Nadya Pantalleresco and I created I Gioielli Di Nina in 2008.

I believe that every woman has what it takes to be beautiful and for this reason I love finding pieces that make each person shine in a special way. I always had a passion for jewellery but the inspiration to start this jewellery collection began after the birth of my daughter Nina.

Timeless materials such as pearls, gemstones, and crystals are combined into stunning designs that women love.

The collections, which are sourced from different Artisans, are all handmade, using semi-precious stones and pearls. Throughout the years, I have worked with women from different parts of the world, who I now consider as friends as well as work colleagues.

I am a great believer in empowering women, and this has given me the opportunity to help other women like me achieve their dreams through their work. Our collection is designed and handpicked and for day wear, special occasions, and as gifts, all within an affordable price range. New designs are added to our collection on a regular basis.

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